Club Enigma, St. Pete, FL -  LED project to equip 2 indoor bars with fully programmable LED lighting.   

Waterin Trough
, Pinellas Park, FL - Complete overhaul providing new Lighting, Video, Audio, Gobo's, and more.

Park & Rec DTSP, St. Pete, FL - Updating lighting, atmospherics and more.  

Crafty Squirrel, St. Pete, FL -  New LED Lighting and more.  

​​Perfect Events LOVES working with Venues such as Nightclubs, Bars, and Restaurants.   From simply updating some fixtures to complete redesigns, Perfect Events has serviced many venues, a few of which are below.  We provide a free estimate, full installation, and guarantee your satisfaction.  If you need new lighting, audio, projectors, lasers, fog, smoke, confetti cannon, cold sparking machines, or more...Perfect Events will make your venue....PERFECT!   

Perfect Events provides fast and efficient cleaning and repairs of your lighting, atmospherics, and other equipment.  We offer pick up and delivery and quick turn around to keep your venue running at it's best.  If you have lights not working, or simply need a cleaning, you can get all the information you need.  Simply click HERE.  

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